Water Does Wonders: Invite Us to Your Next Event!

Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to promote water at your next event or program? HKCC Rexdale is here for you! We offer many water resources for community groups and organizations. Scroll down to learn more about what we have to offer and register to have HKCC Rexdale at your next event.

Hydration Through Fruits and Vegetables:

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HKCC Rexdale is promoting “Water Does Wonders” through the promotion of fresh fruits and vegetables at community events. Register today to receive HKCC Rexdale’s Bike Blender along with FREE fresh fruits and veggies at your event!

Fill it up!

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Are you hosting a community event? HKCC Rexdale is supporting community events and programs with mobile water stations to promote drinking more water and increasing access to water. Click the registration button above to get a FREE HKCC Rexdale mobile water station or check out BlueW’s map for water refill stations in Rexdale here!

Water Education Workshop

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Are you interested in learning about the benefits of water and strategies to increase its consumption? HKCC Rexdale, in partnership with Toronto Public Health, is offering water education workshops facilitated by peer leaders. Click the button above to book a water education workshop!

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