HKCC Rexdale’s Community of Practice Members

Rexdale Community Health Centre

Safia Ahmed, Executive Director of Rexdale Community Health Centre

“In terms of the alignment of Rexdale Community Health Centre vision and that of the HKCC, clearly the vision of Rexdale Community Health Centre is creating a healthy and empowered community and an important part of our community are the kids and families who live in Rexdale. So whether it’s creating opportunities to engage in healthy activities such as physical activity or access to healthy foods, the two visions are perfectly aligned”

Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

Matias Golob, Director of the Centre for Innovation in Health and Wellness at Humber College

“The Centre for Innovation in Health and Wellness was established to advance community and individual well-being. We bring together a number of different resources and academic programs to solve complex problems that will help people lead healthier, active, fulfilling lives. One of our areas of strength is in childhood development and we have a number of faculty members and students who have expertise and knowledge in helping to advance the wellbeing of children”

City of Toronto

Vincent Crisanti, Councillor for Ward 1 and Deputy Mayor of West Toronto

“My vision for the community is vast. One of the things that’s center to my vision is having healthy community engagements and ensuring that we communicate with our youth, stay in touch with them and keep them safe and healthy. We need to be the mentors that they need us to be. My office is very active in the community. We help with a number of different programs and we always do our best to include Healthy Kids Community Challenge to come out and speak to the community because the educational component is critical to a healthy lifestyle. We have a number of programs for youth and seniors, and events such as our Seniors Day, Environment Day, community barbeques, and our Cookies for Christmas event. Not to mention all the other events our wonderful community partners and our BIA hold every year. We always include information to educate people about healthy lifestyles and participate as best as we can.”

Toronto Public Health

Chezlie Alexander, Public Health Officer for Toronto Public Health.

“At TPH (Toronto Public Health), we have a mission statement that basically speaks to decreasing and addressing health inequities in communities, while at the same time increasing overall broader public health. Healthy Kids Community Challenge speaks to childhood obesity, activity rates, intake of water and it aligns fairly well, with what we are trying to do here at TPH. We understand that in parts of Rexdale, particularly certain neighborhoods that Healthy Kids Community Challenge serves, there is significant inequities as it relates to health. As a TPH staff, my work and the mission of TPH really is to get into these communities and address these issues.”

Albion Islington Business Improvement Area

Archna Bhardwaj, Executive Director for the Albion and Islington Business Improvement Area (BIA)

“Our business improvement area is all about the business community and helping improve the overall neighborhood in this area. I believe that the emphasis should be put on future generations, so this definitely fits into our mission and our vision for the next five years”

Albion Neighbourhood Services

Lisa Kostakis, Executive Director for Albion Neighbourhood Services

“ANS is a multiservice organization and one of our primary departments is our Boys and Girls Club. The Boys and Girls Club provides programs and services that respond to the cognitive, physical, nutritional, health and well-being of children ages 6-12. Children take the skills and knowledge they gain from our programs and services and apply and transfer them to their everyday lives, resulting in ultimately making better choices and leading healthier lives.”