About the Challenge

Learn More About the Healthy Kids Community Challenge

Designed to improve the health of children and families in communities across the province, the Healthy Kids Community Challenge is a cross-government initiative to promote healthy behaviours through physical activity, healthy nutrition and adequate sleep.

The Healthy Kids Community Challenge is Ontario’s new drive to support the health of our children. Humber-Downsview is one of 45 communities throughout the province participating in this program by educating and engaging with families. Being active every day along with healthy eating are essential for growing children, so let’s work together to make it easier for our children to be active and eat healthier.

The goal of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge is to support the well-being of our children. It will help create communities where it’s easy for children to lead healthier lives.

Benefits for children and families

  • skills for staying active and eating well
  • support with making healthy choices
  • close links to supports within the community

We are currently in Phase Three of of the campaign, focusing on eating fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy diet. Over the next several months, our Healthy Kids Community Challenge community will be working to encourage kids and families to reach for more vegetables and fruit. Canada’s Food Guide recommends children aged 2-13 years old eat 4-6 servings of veggies and fruit each day. However, we know kids and adults often fall short of this goal.