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Mom and daughter drinking from a water fountain

Happy New Year!

We tend to see the start of the new year as a chance to make a major change for ourselves, and our families. For many of us, that includes pledging to become more physically active, and making the effort towards eating a healthy diet. That doesn’t always have to mean making drastic changes. One simple way to start is to CHOOSE WATER!


• Flavouring water by adding sliced fruits or veggies, including cucumbers, berries, and more.
• Being a positive role model by making water the norm at home, serving it with dinner, or having a ready-to-pour pitcher in the fridge
• Teaching kids the importance of water as a healthy beverage option.

Water is easily accessible, usually free (via tap water), and is a healthy alternative to pop, sugary juice cocktails or sports drinks. Even in the winter, our bodies need to stay hydrated, so packing a water bottle as part of the kids’ lunch, or even for yourself at work, is a great start to making 2017 a healthy one for you and your family!

This post was originally published on Humber-Downsview here