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The Healthy Kids Community Challenge is all about helping Ontario kids make healthy choices. Our community is one of 45 across the province chosen to be a part of this special project. That means new ideas and programs are coming to our community – things that make it easier for kids to be active and eat healthier. These are the keys to good health as our children grow up and become adults.

Encourage your kids to drink water when they are thirsty. It is much better for them than drinks with sugar added.We all know healthy eating is important for growing children. So is healthy hydration. Our community is looking for ways to make it easier for kids to choose healthy drinks more often.

Water is the natural choice for kids to stay hydrated and healthy. Water makes up more than half of a child’s weight. They need a steady supply to keep their bodies working and growing properly. Water contains no sugar, calories, additives, preservatives, or caffeine. And it’s free!

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