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As we prepare going back to back to school following March Break, it’s a good time to kick off the week with some good habits, and those include having water as a healthy beverage option for the kids.  Why? The facts are below:

  • From age 4-18, almost 20% of the calories Canadian children and teens consume come from beverages. Younger children take in almost 30% of their calories from beverages12.
  • Almost half (44%) the sugar children and youth take in every day comes from beverages, specifically:
    – Milk (20% at ages 1-8; 14% at ages 9-18)
    – Fruit juice (15% and 9%)

    – Regular soft drinks (4% and 14%)
    – Fruit drinks (6% and 7%)
    These numbers include naturally occurring sugar in milk and fruit juice13, although both these beverages do provide other beneficial vitamins and nutrients.

  • As they get older, kids are likely to consume more sugar-sweetened drinks. For example, fewer than 10% of children aged 1-3 had a regular soft drink the day before they completed the Canadian Community Health Survey. At ages 9-13, that number rose to 33% for boys and 29% for girls14.
  • Calories from fruit drinks and soft drinks come mostly from added sugars.

Remember, including water as part of your diet is easier than you may think! Water Does Wonders!

This post was originally published on Humber-Downsview here