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Get involved with the Healthy Kids Community Challenge!

Join us on our social media channels and check the events page of the website regularly to get updated information about upcoming events and initiatives. As part of the HKCC, we will be running lots of initiatives in the east end focused on all aspects of healthy living, including physical activity, water consumption and healthy eating. We will also be sharing resources online through social media campaigns.

You can work on these initiatives in your own homes and classrooms! As we move through the themes related to physical activity and water consumption you can find resources to help you live a healthier lifestyle, such as recipes, exercise tips, activities and local programming.

The Region of Rexdale


How can you get involved? We always have a table set up at community events where you can share your ideas and tips about the community. And you can also get in touch with us if you want us to attend or help host one of your events. Another way you can get involved is by motivating your children, as well as helping your neighbours and their children be more active! Following us on Twitter and Instagram will also be beneficial to involve yourself in the community as we are posting updates about events we will be attending, as well as tweeting out articles and tips on how to help your family stay active. We are all a part of the Rexdale community and with everyone coming together and sharing ideas, we can make Rexdale even better than it already is.

The Region of Humber-Downsview


It’s easy to get involved!  Children and families can join the Healthy Kids Community Challenge by pledging to:

  • Limit screen time to two hours a day.
  • Reduce sugar-sweetened drinks.
  • Be active and Play at least one hour each day.
  • Eat six fruits and veggies a day.

Want more information? Remember to check the website often, and follow us online to find out tips on how to keep your family, and where special events are happening in your neighbourhood:




The Region of Central Scarborough

Central Scarborough

The Healthy Kids Community Challenge Theme 3 “Water Does Wonders” in Central Scarborough will engage children from 0 to 12 and their families on the benefits of water consumption instead of consuming sugary drinks. The HKCCC Central Scarborough team will get in involved in local communities to promote, educate and encourage water consumption. Featured events include Water Pop Station at community events, School Assemblies, Water Bottle Give a ways, social media campaigns and Much, Much, More.

Contact through email or Twitter @HKCCScarborough

The Region of Danforth-East York

Danforth-East York

Interested in learning more about HKCC in Danforth-East York?

  • Invite us to your community to promote healthy active living
  • Visit our website frequently to learn about upcoming local events and contests
  • Build a partnership to help us build healthy communities
  • Tell us a story about how your family is living a healthy lifestyle
  • Follow us on social media to get connected to health resources and promotions
  • Contact us at