The Massey Centre is one of 8 organizations that make up the Healthy Kids Community Challenge in Danforth-East York. Massey Centre is a client-centered infant and early childhood mental health organization that supports pregnant and parenting adolescents, aged 13-25 and their babies.

The centre ensures that each young mom has the emotional, social and economic support to care for their baby, with access to prenatal and postnatal care. Women have the opportunity to continue their education, develop skills needed to build a successful life and relationship with their child. Massey Centre provides support to more than 2,500 moms and babies each year, including families from the surrounding community through the Ontario Early Years Centre.

Massey Centre administers a wide range of programs, from prenatal residential program, postnatal residential housing program, primary health care, community referral services, early learning centres, secondary school treatment program, Ontario early years Centre, material infant mental health and new lives start here.

The Just Dance program brings together moms in a social setting, where they can unwind, socialize and have fun with each other! Participants follow along with their chosen song and sing and dance, providing an opportunity for physical activity and exercise. Nzinga Walker, Director of Programs at the Centre says the gym can be a challenging environments for the mothers as there is not often suitable child care provided. The Just Dance program offers the opportunity to engage in more physical activity, and it doesn’t feel too onerous, as it’s a fun, social program!

We’d like to thank Massey Centre for playing an important role on our Healthy Kids team & for the important work you do for moms and their children across Toronto!