The East End Community Health Centre is one of 8 organizations that make up the Healthy Kids Community Challenge in Danforth-East York. Partnering with individuals, families and the community, East End CHC works to foster health & well-being for everyone in their community. East End CHC advocates for equitable access to health services for all people, and reach out to those who may have difficulty accessing health care services due to factors such as language, culture, gender, poverty or lack of health insurance.

Taking a comprehensive and holistic approach – being healthy means more than just not being ill, and includes feeling well in the mind, body and spirit, being able to reach your goals, feeling part of the community and being able to make decisions and take control of your life. East End CHC helps people increase control over factors that impact their health, like social inclusion, social justice, equity, access to shelter, education, income, employment security, food and healthy ecosystems.

East End CHC administers a wide range of interdisciplinary programs to serve individuals, families and the general community, from medical, counseling/psychotherapy, footcare, physiotherapy, nutrition, client support & community programs. One such program is Kids in the Kitchen, run by Sudha Ellie. Kids in the Kitchen is a fun cooking program for both parents and kids aged 8-12. Families have the opportunity to learn new quick recipes and enjoy a meal together. Kids get the chance to help with the meal preparation and become accustomed to the kitchen environment. Sudha takes collaborative approach, asking the kids what they are interested in making for the next session, and empowering them to
make healthy choices.

Check out the video below to see what a session of Kids in the Kitchen looks like!

We’d like to thank East End CHC for playing an important role on our Healthy Kids team & for the important work you do in the greater East End community!