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Today is World Water Day! Here in Toronto, we are so lucky to have access to clean, fresh water straight from our kitchen sinks! Did you know that the City of Toronto tests the water every six hours to ensure it’s free from bacteria and safe to drink? When you fill up your bottle up from a Toronto tap, whether it’s a water fountain at school or your kitchen sink, you can rest assured that the water is safe and clean!

Water is the best choice to keep you and your family hydrated. Sugary drinks like pop are loaded with extra calories, additives, caffeine and preservatives. While juice may seem like a healthy option, it lacks the nutrients and fiber you get from actually eating fruit. All the extra sugar can lead to heart disease, dental cavities, and type 2 diabetes.

We’re so excited about all the ways that Water does Wonders, that we created these videos with special guests Mark Suki & Lisa Gilroy to tell you all about it! Check them out below!

So next time you feel thirsty, you know what to do! Fill up your cup with water!


This post was originally published on Danforth-East York here