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Water is such an important component of maintaining overall health and wellness, but competing with sugar-sweetened beverages like juice, sports drinks and pop can be a huge challenge. There are no equivalent marketing campaigns for water like there are for many popular sugar laden drinks. The Healthy Kids Community Challenge works to change that! We want to make sure everyone knows all the ways that Water does Wonders!

Over the course of the summer, we collected recipes from people in our local community for examples of fun ways to make drinking water more exciting! Simply adding some fresh fruit, veggies and herbs can give water the extra fun factor that will encourage you & your family to drink more! Download our free Water Recipes booklet below. If you try out any of the recipes, be sure to send them to us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or email with the hashtag #HKCCEastYork! We would love to see your creations!

Front Cover of the HKCC Danforth-East York Flavoured Water Recipes Booklet

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