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The South Riverdale Community Health Centre (SRCHC) is the lead agency of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge in Danforth-East York.

SRCHC first opened its doors in 1976, in a former police station with a small staff of three health care professionals, cleaners and a bookkeeper. Over the last 40 years, SRCHC has expanded to become a pillar of the community, working to improve the lives of people that face barriers to physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being. SRCHC works to empower healthy and thriving communities where everyone belongs.

Their mission and values made them a natural fit to lead the Healthy Kids Community Challenge (HKCC) in Danforth-East York. The HKCC brings together community partners from a variety of sectors to foster inclusive communities where it’s easy for kids to lead healthier lives.

SRCHC meaningfully engages with clients and the community through a broad range of health care initiatives, spanning from primary care, health promotion, illness prevention and environmental health promotion.

The bike repair clinic, featured in the video below is a great example of how SRCHC promotes active transportation programs. Cycling is a great way to stay physically active, it’s an affordable means of transportation, and there are added benefits to the environment!

The bike repair clinic is a free drop-in service where low income clients who rely on bicycles for access to affordable transportation receive help to repair their bikes. Participants learn about all kinds of bicycle maintenance issues, repairs and safety. Flat tires and broken brakes are common repair challenges that can be really easy to fix once you know how.

There are free refreshments provided and people have the opportunity to socialize with others and have fun while they learn! Due to popular demand, the clinic is now also offered at Eastview Community Centre Centre, where parents and younger kids come in to work on their bikes.

SRCHC was also involved in establishing bike lanes along Dundas St E. Originally proposed as a measure to reduce air pollution from vehicle emissions, the bike lanes have become a safe, reliable alternative to driving that are used by hundreds of cyclists every day.

Thank you SRCHC for playing an important role to serve our community, and for leading the charge to help kids live healthier lives in Danforth-East York!

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