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We’re excited to invite kids & families in Danforth-East York to show us how they are living a healthy lifestyle in their everyday lives! We welcome you to share examples using photos, videos, short stories, drawings, or any way you want to express yourself! Let your creativity shine!

Please note, if you are a kid yourself, be sure to ask your parents’ permission before entering!

What is 10-5-2-1-0?

10-5-2-1-0 is an important part of being a Healthy Kid! There are lots of different factors involved in living a healthy lifestyle, and 10-5-2-1-0 outlines simple guidelines to live by!

It is important for growing kids to get 10 hours or more of sleep a day, eat 5 or more servings of fruits & vegetables, have 2 or less hours of screen time, 1 or more hours of physical activity and 0 sugar-sweetened beverages!

You can enter to win by showing us how you live a healthy lifestyle in any of those five areas!


The first 10 entries submitted will win swag bags filled with a variety of Healthy Kids sports stuff! All subsequent entries will be entered into a random number draw. The first number chosen will win a sports bike with accessories in the size of their choosing! The next 10 numbers drawn will also receive swag bags!

Entry Information

  • Tell us about how you are living a healthy lifestyle related to the concepts of 10-5-2-1-0! You can tell us with a short description, a video, a photo, a drawing, or any way you would like to express yourself!
  • You can submit your entry on any of the platforms listed below. Please note, if you are submitting an entry on social media, you must be following HKCC Danforth-East York on whichever platform you submit your entry on. Be sure to use the hashtag #HKCCEastYork & tag us using our handles below so that we can find your entry!
    • Facebook @HealthyKidsToronto – example entry: @HealthyKidsToronto Our family is working towards living a healthier lifestyle by eating more fruits and vegetables with our meals! #HKCCEastYork
    • Twitter @HKCCEastYork – example entry: This weekend, we spent time playing in the park with friends instead of watching television #HKCCEastYork @HKCCEastYork
    • Instagram @HKCCEastYork – example entry: We bring our re-usable bottles everywhere we go so we can fill up on water! #HKCCEastYork @HKCCEastYork
    • Email – example entry: When the weather is nice, I like to walk to school instead of driving because I get to spend time with my family & get exercise! My favourite time of the year to walk to school is in the spring because the weather gets warm and all the trees start to turn green again!
  • You must be between the age of 6 – 12 to win, but entries can be submitted on a parent/guardian’s account. If selected as a winner, HKCC Danforth-East York will be in touch to confirm the winner’s age before prize release.
  • All entries will be numbered according to the time they were submitted, and winners will be selected based on a random number generator. You can enter as many times as you wish, there is no limit. Winners will be contacted via the account that they submitted the entry on.
  • The challenge is open to residents of Danforth-East York. If you are selected as a winner, you must provide proof of address before we will release the prizes. Prizes must be picked up from the South Riverdale Community Health Centre.
  • The deadline for submission is March 17, 2017. Be sure to have your entries in before then!
  • All entries & winners will be featured on HKCC channels & website.

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